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tbj brands, llc

TBJ Brands, LLC is dedicated to breaking barriers for minority, millennial entrepreneurs and professionals to find or create the career of their dreams through a monthly, online book club, weekly blogs posts, and busyness services.

Project Objectives:

➡︎ Redefine brand identity
➡︎ Build visual consistency online

One stop shops like TBJ Brands have the imperative and most times difficult task of making it all make sense. A huge part of establishing this clarity, often times lies in visual consistency. Whether she was posting about the book club, jobs board, or social media management services, owner Bree, wanted to make sure her branding drew all lines back to the source.

With an already strong monogram logo, we set out to solidify her color and font palettes.


Brand Refresh


Originally, Bree’s brand was a bit more personal; named “The Bree Johnson”. As her brand grew and expanded to a wider range of services, it was time to rebrand - but not too drastically.

Bree’s brand colors originally included the hot pink and purple. We expanded the color palette to include an additional shade of pink as well as a mustard yellow for a bit more flexibility and more appealing across genders.


What Bree Said …

I work in the Digital Space as a Digital Director and very often people assume that because I design websites, and work with social media that I also design graphics — I don’t, it’s not my portion. 🤷🏽‍♀️

When I re-launched my brand one of the first and most important things that I did was hire Ashlee Nicole Artistry on retainer to create the graphics for my brand. She’s created everything from the revamp of my logo to the banners on my website and it’s completely elevated the look and aesthetic of my brand.

Now, you maybe getting ready to launch your brand and I have a question for you, have you thought about hiring a graphic designer? If not, I have three reasons to hire a graphic designer.

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