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Schoolin Life Podcast

Schoolin Life is a podcast and lifestyle brand with a vision to extend the coveted, “girlfriend conversations” to a wider audience.

Project Objectives:

➡︎ Establish brand identity
➡︎ Increase brand awareness on and offline
➡︎ Build brand equity
➡︎ Create an online home that extends the intimate “girlfriend” conversations to a wider audience.

When owner, Ashley, inquired about rebranding and expanding, we were hype! Not only because we were totally on board for a new & refreshed look, but because we were working with a blank slate for most of the assets that needed to be developed.

Before working with Artistry Studios, Ashley was kicking ass over in the podcasts streets. But almost a year in, she was on the search for a new co-host and found herself wondering if she could do it alone. Once she decided that she wanted to keep what she had built alive, she also understood that she had made it as far as she could without professional branding, systems, and a team. And in order to grow her team and scale her dream, a brand foundation and automated systems were the only answer.

After our initial project, Ashley hired Artistry Studios to help manage her online presence. Over the course of 10 months with Artistry Studios, Ashley was able to achieve her long-held dream of not only creating a space for millennial women of color but monetizing that space in an intentional, authentic way.

Take a look at the process: 

Through this rebrand, we wanted to create an identity that conveyed smart, funny, black women with clean, simple lines and the brand name at the forefront.


  • Black women ages 24-40

  • Women who are socially aware. 

  • Active social media users 

  • Enjoy travel, self care, outdoor festivals, spending time with friends, etc. 


  • Confident

  • Feminine

  • Bold + Lively

  • Supportive



Together we created a Squarespace web design that is on-brand, interactive, and minimal. From embedded podcast episodes to a branded product shop, the site is certainly an attention grabber for the Schoolin Life listener. 




Schoolin Life’s pivot from ‘just a podcast’ to a lifestyle brand was heavily built on the idea of building a community for women and loyalty around the brand messaging. The product are strategically minimalistic - from design to product type.

The REsults

After rebranding with Artistry Studios, we've grown our monthly downloads by nearly 200%.

Ashley A. Adams