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Tones, Terms, & Keywords - Brand Challenge Week #5

Remember, visual branding is really nothing without brand messaging.

It’s all about communication. The tangible and the intangible.

We often think about the tangible components - logos, color palettes, and fonts.

But intangible components - words you use in your social media captions and the names of your products, can have a big impact on how your brand is perceived.

That’s why we’ve spent the last 4 weeks laying the ground work of what you want your business to accomplish and who your target market is - so that we can craft messages, visually and verbally, are saying the right thing to potential clients and customers.

This week, we’re going to identify 5 adjectives to describe your brand as well as some keywords and phrases.



Make a list of brand keywords

Now that you’ve written your mission statement and outlined your ideal client/customer profile, choose 5 adjectives that best describe/summarize your brand. These 5 words will come in handy as you make other brand decisions in the weeks to come.

These words should be in synergy with your mission statement and appeal to the person(s) you identified in your client profile (which is why we did that first. I told you you could trust me).

  1. Brainstorm a bunch of relevant words. Jot them down on a piece of paper. There’s not right or wrong way to do this. Use a thesaurus, Google, your friend group message, etc.

Considering the following questions when brainstorming:

  • How does your brand feel?

  • What does your brand sound like?

  • How does your brand taste?

  • What does your brand smell like?

2. Then go back through and circle the big contenders. Choose 5!


Let’s take it a step further and determine what these keywords say about the TONE of your brand.

Considering the following questions:

  • Is your brand ‘short and witty’?

  • Is your brand ‘casual and inviting’?

  • Is your brand ‘slightly sarcastic’?

Details like this can go a long way in differentiating your brand and business from those around you.


  • Nike’s tagline “Just Do It” lets you know right away that they are ‘straight to the point’.

    This attitude is shown throughout their marketing materials, the names of their products, their social media accounts, etc.

  • Our most amazing iPhone yet.” Apple’s use of informal, short, and declarative sentences screams ‘simple and confident’.


Once you’ve arrived at your tone and key terminology, head over to the Artistry Academy Facebook group or leave me a comment on this post and share one or more of your goals with me.