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Customer Profiling - Brand Challenge Week #4

This is the good kind of profiling.

You probably thought that by now we’d be talking about logos, colors, fonts, etc. But remember, branding is MUCH more than just a logo. We have more work to do - so, let’s jump in!

The purpose of branding is to catch the attention of potential clients and customers. Once you have their attention, you need to build trust with them so that they’ll purchase your products and book your services.

In order to do that, you have to know:

  1. Whether your current brand is effective

  2. Where your business is headed

  3. The mission of your business

  4. And what type of clients you want to be working with

In weeks 1-3, you’ve conducted a brand evaluation, set business goals, and written your mission statement. This week, we’re diving deeper into the type of clients and customers you want to be working with.

You have to know who you want your customers to be so that you know what attracts them.



Create Your Ideal Customer Profile

In 2018, I said the words “I quit” way more often that I’d like to admit. I was getting burnt out every other day. I was ready to give up because I was overwhelmed with projects I wasn’t really enjoying for rates that weren’t making ends meet.

One day, after getting frustrated with the fact that I wanted to quit, I decided to pause and really think about what was going wrong. My skills were only getting better. I’d eliminated the services that everybody wanted but made me happy. I’d already started raising my prices. My confidence was actually higher that it’d ever been. What was I doing wrong?

After a late night session with my whiteboard, writing out my current client list, I realized what the problem was. I was attracting the wrong type of clients. These were not the types of projects I set out to work on. These were not the types of clients that valued strategy and process. These clients were not in the stages of business that could afford my services when priced adequately. Somewhere along the lines my message was lost.

I looked back at my branding, content, and my messaging. I was saying accurate things. I was showing up. But I was talking to the wrong group of people.

Be honest - Are your brand colors your favorite colors? Is your content based on your personal taste?

This is a common mistake that I see a lot of business owners make as they approach their brand.

Instead of making brand decisions based on the taste of the clients and customers they want to attract, they make decisions based on their own personal taste. While there are ways to infuse your personality into your brand, the primary goal of branding is to attract potential clients and customers. You need to understand your potential customers and make brand decisions based on what would appeal to them.

In order to do that, you need to identify who you’re interested in talking to.
A helpful way to do this is to create an ideal client/customer profile.


My Ideal Client





Marital Status:


Education Level:

Season of Life:






What challenges do they face?

What are their top 3 pain points?

What does it look like if they don’t receive your services?

What’s holding them back from purchasing your services?

What does it look like when they do receive your services?


Will every client or customer fit perfectly in this profile? Nope! You might even have more than one.

But it’s helpful to summarize these important qualities about the clients and customers you want to attract and keep them in mind, because you’ll refer back to this outline as you make decisions about font, colors, and iconography in the weeks to come.


Once you’ve arrived at a clear and concise mission statement, head over to the Artistry Academy Facebook group or leave me a comment on this post and share one or more of your goals with me.