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Auditing and Updating Your Website and Website Strategy

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First and foremost, I want to say Happy New Year! I’m wishing all of you happiness and blessing this year. Go out and kill it! 

I've been working tirelessly to plan Quarter 1 of 2018. This year, my main business goals are to get organized and stay patient (simplified version).

"You have to master what you already have going on before you expand." That’s what I’m on. But that doesn't mean you don't plan for the expansion before you execute. Get ready NOW!

One of the biggest tasks on my to-do list to get ready for Q1 was updating my website. But just saying "update your website" is way too vague. I had to break that task down into smaller weekly and daily tasks to tackle it.

You've heard me say before that your website is your 24/7 salesperson; your star employee! It needs to be working while you work, while you sleep, while you party, etc. That means it’s worth the time, effort, and extra care to make sure it’s doing its job correctly. And to be able to do that,

In my first attempt to break down this huge task into smaller tasks, I quickly realized - I have no idea where to start. What content do I already have? What should I get rid of? What is out of date? Etc. So many questions, not enough answers. Let me know if this sounds like you:

  • My website/blog isn’t converting.

  • Why aren’t my visitors opting into my email list?

  • My site’s bounce rates are extremely high.

Me too.



I needed to review every page, every word, every image, and every link so that I knew what I was working with.

What does a website audit entail?

The main categories are:

  • Purpose and Intent

  • Branding

  • Design/Usability

  • Content + Pages

  • SEO

  • Other Techy Stuff

Once again, this is a huge task that needs to be broken down into smaller tasks. To tackle this, I’ve created an audit checklist for you.

Grab your Website Audit Checklist for just FREE below or over in the Resource Shop.

"Well, Ashlee, I don't have a website, YET. Now, where do I start?"

I hear you, I hear you! Same rules apply when you're building your site. You need to be able to account for everything and make sure every piece of content and code is working to the benefit of your business. Once I knew what was there, step number two was planning the creation of everything I needed to update or add.



I'll be honest with you, I was all over the place with this, too. Which got me thinking about how frustrated my website clients must be. If I'm struggling to plan out pages and content for my site, my clients must be pulling their hair out when I ask them to send me ALL their content for their website build.

With you and your frustrations in mind, during Q1, To tackle this, I’ve created a Website Planning Workbook. With this workbook, you’ll:

  • Identify your key objectives for your website.

  • Identify your audience.

  • Plan out your sitemap: How your website will flow with sections and pages.

  • Create outlines and diagrams for each webpage.

  • Write out the copy for your main pages.

  • Plan out your color scheme and visuals.

Grab your Website Planning Workbook for just $8 below or over in the Resource Shop.

You're on your way to having a more functional website that CONVERTS!
Happy planning, creatives!