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Avoid Digital Eye Strain with Phonetic Eyewear's Computer Glasses


Designers, photographers, creatives, really, everyone ...

How often are you staring at your devices? Do you notice an increase in headaches or eye strain? 

You see, our computers and phones emit what's called 'Blue Light' and cause digital eye strain also known as Computer Vision Syndrome or Digital Eye Strain. There didn't seem to be many options to prevent this before I heard about Phonetic Eyewear and noticed the decrease in my eyestrain and migraines after using their product for only a month.

A little (or a lot) of background information:

For the last 5 years, I have suffered from chronic migraines. There were times in college that I went weeks, even months without relief. Some may think a little headache is quickly solved by eating lunch at a decent time or popping a few Tylenol Extra Strength but, none of those things helped me. Getting up in the morning was hard. Going to class was hard. Driving was hard. And feeling well enough to have a social life was HARD. Darkness and sleep were really the only remedies that lead to a bit of relief. 

Now, remember, I was in college when this started. My major was Media Communications with an emphasis in Interactive Digital Media which means I stared at a computer all day learning to code, create graphics, etc. The strain on my eyes was intense and my contact prescription was getting stronger and stronger by the year. A lot of the time I already had a headache before I started my coding homework which meant by the time I was done, I was in extreme pain and sleep was the only goal. It was bad.

Countless doctors visits, seeing a Neurology Specialist, and taking a daily preventative medication has finally granted me some relief after years of suffering. BUT, I still get migraines sometimes. One doctor suggested that I keep a headache journal. Keeping a headache journal is tracking, not only, when I get a headache but the symptoms and factors surrounding the headache. This meant writing down what I ate and drank every day in addition to recording when I did get a headache, its level of intensity, and any aura that came along with it. Aura is basically the signs and feelings you get along with a migraine. Those can include dizziness, ringing in the ears, light sensitivity, numbness etc. 

After tracking my migraines for about a 3-month period, I was able to notice a few patterns.

1. I tend to be a work-a-holic and work through lunch. (Don't try this at home. The cons outweigh the pros).
2. The days where I was editing photos, making logos, or creating graphics for 10+ hours straight were days when I was most likely to have a headache. 

The strain on my eyes (from staring at the bright, blue light from my devices) was a direct correlation to my migraine pain. The realization that I either had to cut back how much I was working or deal with the pain took a while to sink in. Neither seemed feasible if I wanted to keep my business running. I kind of needed to work 5+ more hours after the 8 hour shift at my full-time job. So guess what I did?  To be completely honest with you, I kept doing exactly what was causing me pain. I didn't change a thing. Since the medication made a decent difference in the frequency of my migraines, I thought one migraine here or there is bearable. Dumb.

Here's the great part.

About a month ago, my friends over at posted about a pair of glasses they got from Phonetic Eyewear. Doesn't sound super exciting, right? But they looked really good on him. Seeing that I had just had my annual eye exam, (once again my prescription got stronger) I was in the market for a new pair of glasses. I decided to check out their website. 

Not only did this company have stylish and trendy frames but their whole premise is to reduce eye strain. WHAT?! I never knew this kind of glasses existed.

Phonetic Eyewear offers glasses with clear, prescription quality lenses that have a special coating to deflect a portion of unwanted blue light. That was all I needed to hear. I bought a pair instantly. And it wasn't something I had to put deep thought into, they were basically made for my issue and AFFORDABLE! Since I wear my contacts more often, I decided to try the regular computer glasses instead of a prescription pair first.

Okay no, here's the best part.

In the month since I've been wearing my Deep Blue Robin's strategically every time I'm in front of this computer, I have not had one migraine. My eyes aren't as tired at the end of the day. I can tell the strain on my eyes has been reduced. I absolutely love them!


If you experience migraines, eye strain or are curious about computer glasses, I would definitely recommend trying out Phonetic Eyewear. Their non-prescription glasses start at under $50 and they make long workdays much easier for a small and smart investment. Their prescription glasses start at $89 and 'kill two birds with one stone.'

Ready to get you a pair? Head over to their shop to place your order and tell them I sent you by using code ASHLEE10 for 10% OFF your entire purchase.*

Once you try them, comment or email me & let me know if you saw any difference in your eye strain!

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