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Set Up Your Branded Email In Gmail

You have your website up and running with the perfect domain name, right? [] But your clients and customers still have to email you using your account. It's time to level up and make your business a little more seamless and a lot more professional.

Did you know you can send email from using Google's Gmail platform? Well, You can! GSuite, formerly Google Apps for Work makes it super easy. 

Why Do You Need A Branded Email Address?

Let's be honest. and email addressed don't give off the same professional vibe as a branded email address. Branded domain email addresses also help you stay out of spam folders! 

Some situations where you may want to use G Suite email instead of the free version of Gmail include:

  • You are branding your small business and it's important for your email address to match your new website domain.

  • You want to start hiring employees who will rely on email to do their job. You want them to use the same tool to make training easier.

  • You need an email tool that includes around-the-clock technical support.

  • The storage capacities of free email tools aren't enough for your needs.

  • Your business relies heavily on other G Suite tools such as Docs, Sheets, or Slides and you want your email to integrate with these tools.

Why Use GSuite?

One word. Syncing. I use just about all of Google's apps and platforms because they sync seamlessly across devices and even between apps, making life just a bit easier.

Just one of the business benefits of GSuite is their branded email addresses. GSuite gives you email, storage, support, admin controls and more starting at just $5/user/month.

Some benefits of G Suite email include:

  • Match your email domain name to your business web site with a custom domain name.

  • Enjoy around the clock technical support by phone, email, or online.

  • Google-sponsored ads are gone.

  • Save more messages with increased cloud storage—starts at 30 GB.

  • Use other packages (like Outlook) as an email client.

  • Log in one time to access both email and other Google business tools like Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

  • Share calendar information between multiple employees.

  • Display your Logo on the Gmail interface.

Get started setting up your branded email address through Google today!

STEP 1: Choose a Paid G Suite Option
STEP 2: Enter Business Profile Information
STEP 3: Choose a Custom Domain Name

  • If you choose to use a domain name you already own, the screen asks for the domain name.

  • If you choose to buy a new domain name, the screen asks what domain name you want and gives you an opportunity to check to see if it is available. You are also asked to provide your domain contact information.

STEP 4: Select a Password
STEP 5: Agree to G Suite Terms
STEP 6: Verify Your Domain
STEP 7: Set Up Gmail for Business MX Records

  • Enter the MX record information from this screen into the MX record information on your host account. Again, this process varies depending on your hosting company. For specific setup instructions for various hosting companies, go to the G Suite Administrator Help Center . Follow the specific instructions for your hosting company.