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5 Tips for Setting Up a Home Photo Studio

5 Tips for Setting Up a Home Photo Studio

You’ve been scrolling through your Instagram feed and imagining what life would be like if you were a photographer. You’d never lack images to post, right? You want to move from ‘I just needed something to post’ images onto professional studio quality so you’ve probably thought about setting up your own home studio but don’t know where to start. It’s easier than you thought and ’m offering a few tips on how to get started setting up your home studio today.

5 Tips For Planning Your Brand Photoshoot

Styled product image for  The Success Script . Photo Credit: Ashlee Nicole Artistry, LLC

Styled product image for The Success Script. Photo Credit: Ashlee Nicole Artistry, LLC

Though the goal is to look stunning, a brand photo shoot is not just capturing beautiful photos. There has to be strategy behind the visuals to ensure the photographs are working to help your business thrive! 



Remember that color palette you're obsessed with so you chose it for your business? Stick to it and use those 3-5 colors in your brand photos. This will ensure your branding is consistent and cohesive throughout your website, print materials, and photography. You can incorporate the colors in things like the backdrop (studio shoots), your clothing, your props, etc.



This is your chance to show what your business does and literally has to offer. Giving a BTS view humanizes your brand. The creative process is different for every business but can include anything from photos of you at your desk to images of you packaging your products for shipping.



You want your voice and personality to translate into the copy you write, on your site (and captions) and your brand photos.

Are you/your brand:

Fun and bubbly?
Serious and reserved?
Super Feminine?
Super Masculine?

Each of those provokes a different image. Define your brand voice and present it in your brand photos as authentically as possible.



Every business with products needs clear and sharp photos of their products on a white background. But don't forget to present your product as desirable and useful by styling the products in a real-life setting. These are the photos that persuade customers to purchase.

If you sell t-shirts, not only do you want to highlight the design but customers want to see the cut and fit as well. If you sell blankets, let us see someone wrapped up and warm. Sell it!



You're still in business so you're doing something right! What makes you stand out from your competitors? This might be harder to capture for some but I encourage you to take the time to brainstorm how to really highlight your competitive advantage on camera. 

3 Reasons To Book A Mini Session

Fall is here! As we approach the 2017 holidays, Ashlee Nicole Artistry is offering a deal on Mini Sessions ALL FALL! Right on time, right? Each session results in 5-7 hi-res images and one gift of your choice. The details are below.

But why book a mini session? What are the benefits? I’ll break down a few good reasons for you:


Quick & Fun yet, Effective.

Mini Sessions are just 30 minutes. Are you camera shy? Just need a few headshots? These short and sweet sessions are perfect for you. All ANA photo sessions are designed to be relaxed and natural so that you can show your best side. Bring that friend that hypes you up or turn on your favorite song and pretend you’re voguing in the mirror. We’ll kick it but I promise I’ll get the shot!

The Price.

Looking for bang for your buck? The mini session package investment includes the session time, online gallery, digital downloads, a print release, and a gift of your choice! Sold? There’s more.  

The Perks.

Yep, the 2017 Fall Mini Sessions come with perks! In addition to the unbeatable price, you get to choose between three special bonuses only offered with these select sessions.

Perk One: (1) 8X10 Print
Perk Two: (1) Holiday Postcard Design
Perk Three: (1) ANA Gift Certificate (good for $20 off your next purchase of $50 or more)


Mini Sessions are great for headshots!
Ever had a moment where a publication or a partner asked you for a photo to use alongside your bio & you panicked? You didn’t have a professional headshot. Did you send them a car selfie? Don't be ashamed if you did. You won't have to after your mini session!


Ready for your mini session? Book Here!



  • Choose to have your session at a location of your choice (within 20 miles of 63101) or in studio
  • No outfit changes
  • Dates Available:
    • Sunday, Oct. 8th
    • Wednesday, Oct. 11th
    • Saturday, Oct. 14th
    • Sunday, Oct. 15th
    • Wednesday, Oct. 18th
    • Saturday, Oct. 28th
    • Sunday, Oct. 29th
    • Monday, Oct. 30th