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Why I Started A Referral Program

Reputation is everything when you're a freelancer, no matter what industry you're in.

I first picked up a camera in 2010 with no clue how to use it or where it would take me. Once I taught myself the basics and after hearing a few times that I had "the eye," I decided I could monetize this new hobby. Why not? But often times when you're "self-taught" with no credentials or official training under your belt, it's a bit harder to get people to trust you with their money and their memories. I had to prove myself first - find people that would give me a chance, exceed their expectations and build my reputation. 

Fast forward to Summer 2016 and though I still have a 9 to 5 (insert expletives), there were a few months where my freelance income was matching my 9 to 5 income (*shouting*). How? I don't spend a ton of money on paid promotion. In 2016, I might have spent $10 on Facebook ads. It's really word of mouth. Either someone I worked with directly recommended me to a friend or someone asked a friend on social media "Who took your photos?" or "Who made that graphic?" I've been working to build a solid reputation for a while and though it's been a slow process, I knew once I started seeing the results, I had to show some love back.

To say "Thank you," I decided to start a referral program for 2017. Essentially, now those who are spreading the word get rewarded. Of course, I'd love to give monetary rewards or free services but let's be honest, business isn't perfect. Currently, I am rewarding referrers in the form of discounts and personalized gifts (shhhh that's a secret ... more on the gifts at another time). Here's the deal: 


For every referral that books a photo session or purchases a design service, you'll receive unlimited discounts and rewards.


You can spread the word however you'd like but we'll also provide you with referral cards that you can hand out to family and friends.

Contact Ashlee to get your mini referral cards today!


Once your new referral books and completes payment for a service with us, we will notify you about your rewards. We'll keep track of all the referrals you send to us, as well as the status of your rewards.


  • Your referral MUST make a purchase in order for you to receive your reward.
  • If your referral books and then cancels, the reward no longer applies.

  • Rewards are not transferable.

  • Rewards cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

  • Referrals must name referrer at the time of booking.

P.S. The mini referral cards are designed by me but printed with Check them out!