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10% discount for your followers using your unique referral/affiliate code.

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Regular newsletters and exclusive Affiliate Portal access that includes promotions and incentives for you and your followers.

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For every 3 sales generated through your code, you'll get a $20 credit toward your next service or product purchase. LEARN MORE →


You'll receive a unique, 10% discount code for your followers and network to use on select ANA products and services.


For every (1) sales generated using your code, you'll receive a $20 credit toward your next service or product purchase.


Regular newsletters and Affiliate Portal access that includes current promotions, incentives, and promotional graphics for you to relay to your followers, use in blog posts, on social media, etc.

Yes, you can use your own code for discounts! BUT those sales generated will count toward the sales goal to reach your $20 credit.



If your commission for any month is less than the payment threshold, that total commission amount will be carried over to the next month. Once your commission is over the threshold, you'll receive, by mail, a gift certificate (redeemable towards any ANA service or product) in the amount of the commission that is owed to you.


After 3 months of generated sales, your account will be eligible for cash incentives!