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Artistry Academy Workshop 

Creating Passive Income: Dropshipping Branded Products

Saturday, May 18th | 1-4PM
central west end | saint louis, mo

Only 7 spots left!


You want your community to rock your brand. I’ll guide you through the process step-by-step.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You have an established business with branding assets you’re proud of.

  • You want your community to rock your brand and your message.

  • You could use some passive income that’s still relevant to your business.

  • You are not a designer but have brand standards that can guide your DIY efforts.

  • You want to sell branded products with very minimal risk and upfront costs.

  • You do not want to worry about production and shipping.

This workshop is NOT for you if:

  • You are interested in starting your own clothing or accessories company.

  • You do not have an established business or brand with branding assets you are proud of.

  • You are not interested in managing the technology yourself.

  • You are not willing to be original and creative.

  • You act like copyright and trademark infringement are not big deals.

  • You do not take care to run an ethical, detail-oriented business.


Learn exactly what dropshipping is and how it creates passive income.

Learn about two of the best, easy-to-use dropshipping fulfillment sites.

Learn how to create a custom, branded product with profit in mind.

Learn how to use your existing Squarespace (or Wix) website to sell your new products.

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in-person workshop now!


Create and sell quality, branded products just like this one!

Using the methods and tech introduced to you in this 2-hour, in-person workshop.




Dasha kennedy, the broke black girl

“Ashlee is extremely talented and I’ve learned so much in one day! I can say, I am absolutely impressed with the amount of traffic and orders my website has received within the first 10 hours of being active. Thank you all for your support!”


Blair TM, Sound Mvchxne

“Ashlee is very knowledgeable and her work is clean and easy to understand. I was struggling to build a website that represents the many directions my businesses are going AND a website that works for me. Ashlee had a solution for every problem and hesitation I posed. She introduced me to the world of dropshipping and I am definitely more confident moving forward.”

You in? Register for the
in-person workshop now!

+ What will I need?

Be sure to grab your laptop, notebook + pen, and good vibes.

+ Do I need to already have a website?

Yes. Even if it’s not ready or live yet. If you need help setting up getting started, we will briefly cover setting up a trial site on Squarespace. You need a website that allows you to add/manipulate code.

+ What can I do to prepare?

Be thinking of ideas for your products! What kind of products makes sense for your brand? What will they look like?

+ What are the minimal ordering requirements for dropshipping?

In general, there is no minimum. The point of dropshipping is to avoid the need to hold inventory. If you need to place an order, you place an order through the platform for discount. This will be fully addressed and explained in the workshop.

+ What are the fees associated with the drop ship supplier you use?

There is no fee associated with the supplier. There is a fee of $9/mo that is associated with order/customer management system we’ll be using (Shopify).

+ In the event an attendee cannot attend or has an emergency do you provide refunds?

Due to the limited availability, there will be no refunds. If you need to transfer your ticket to another individual, please contact at least 2 hours before the workshop.